• 120urWay.

    In 2018, Messer celebrated its 120th anniversary as a company. Over a period of twelve decades, we have continuously expanded our expertise while at the same time preserving our values. We have learned to overcome crises. We have used innovative gas applications to develop new business areas and markets. We have invested in growth and security of supply. We have focused on the needs of our customers. In short, we have done things our way over the past 120 years.

    The upshot is that in 2018 we enjoyed the best financial year in our company’s history. We will therefore continue to do things our way in future – together with our employees, who are an integral part of our success. Setting goals together and resolutely pursuing them is something we at Messer are good at.


Commitments to sustainability

The Management of the Messer Group GmbH agues in its individual commitments for responsible and sustainable manner as part of its economic and social involvement in society.


Strategic integration

Our corporate responsibility has been strategically embedded in our processes since 2014 through the cross-divisional Corporate Responsibility function. Measurable goals in the different business units make it possible to document our improvements and development. We are publishing these goals in this Corporate Responsibility Report.


Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

For Messer as a family-run enterprise, continuity, responsibility and sustainability constitute the basis of our actions. The Corporate Responsibility Report provides current examples of sustainability being put into action, a constant component of our success as a company.


Group Management Report 2018

The bookkeeping, the annual financial statement of Messer Group GmbH and the Group accounts for the year ending 31 December 2018, as well as the management report from Messer Group GmbH and the national subsidiaries, had been audited and certified by the German auditing company KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.


Key figures of the Messer Group GmbH

Milestones as brief reports

In 2018, our anniversary year, we published milestone events from our 120-year company history via social media. These provide a time-lapse experience of the development of our family company.