Commitments to sustainability

Stefan Messer, owner and Chief Executive Officer:
“We recognise and accept our social responsibility towards our employees and society in different areas. Among other things, we are committed to environmental and climate protection by constantly improving our own processes and focusing our development on technologies that make our customers’ production processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Messer is represented in the world’s major markets: we respect the cultural differences as well as rights in the regions in which we operate. We contribute to community life and education in these regions through the provision of wide-ranging support. Mutual trust and respect for human diversity, open communication in the workplace and the ongoing development of our employees are deep-rooted values forming the immutable basis of how we deal with each other.”

Dr Uwe Bechtolf, Chief Financial Officer:
“We are committed to sustainable economic activity and guarantee our autonomy and independence through forward-looking investments. In this way, our employees, business partners and financial partners have long-term security in working with us. We operate with maximum transparency vis-à-vis our stakeholders. We view corporate responsibility as a matter of strategic value by using defined key performance indicators as a management basis, by implementing it in our management organisation and by using the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standard as our guide in sustainability reporting. We follow an established code of conduct that governs our cooperation and conduct with regard to all our stakeholders.”

Ernst Bode, Chief Operating Officer Europe:
“Our aim is to become the best organised company in our industry. Capital and financial resources are important, but people, knowledge, leadership qualities and passion are the ingredients of long-term success. At the same time, our activities are focused on the safety of our customers, employees and partners as well as the safety of the systems and facilities installed by us and the distribution channels used by us. Our constant pursuit of sustained improvement in the efficiency of our facilities and logistics processes and the associated conservation of resources are just as much part of our brand essence as the provision of a reliable product supply at fair prices and a relationship with our customers that is based on partnership. Product purity and a documented supply chain are taken for granted at Messer. Our activities in our markets are focused on the future and on sustainability in order to ensure long-term development for both ourselves and our customers. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is a matter of course for us worldwide, as is protection of the personal data of our employees and business partners.”

Marcel Messer, shareholder and adviser to the Management of the Messer Group GmbH:
“As the majority shareholder of Messer Group GmbH, the Messer family recognises and accepts its social responsibility. The aim is always to conduct responsible and sustainable economic activity to ensure growth within the framework of our social integration into society. In this regard, I would particularly like to highlight the respectful and responsible way in which we deal with our employees, the non-negotiable nature of our open-mindedness and tolerance, the importance of the continuity of our tradition and independence, full compliance with laws and regulations as a minimum requirement in all our actions, environmental responsibility and sustainability as well as integrity and loyalty.

Many of our employees have been with us for many years or even decades and rightly have a feeling of security in a family-like environment. The success of our company is based, to a large extent, on their loyalty over many years. In our family company, a respectful approach to employees as well as their safety is of paramount importance.

As a member of the fourth generation, I am committed in particular to open-mindedness, diversity, tolerance and respect for cultural differences – without limitation or exception. Intolerance, racism or sexism are completely at odds with the values of our family and our family business. Our culture offers space for everyone – regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation – to develop on a free and equal basis. Diversity enriches us.

I also declare my support for the tradition and continuity of our history spanning more than 120 years. Our customers as well as our employees can be sure of the family’s continued influence on our corporate culture and strategy. As a value-oriented family company, we thus create a basis for reliability, mutual trust, loyalty and integrity.
We also commit ourselves to protecting our environment and the climate by continuously improving our processes and focusing our development on technologies that make our customers’ production processes more efficient and resource-friendly. 

As a member of the fourth generation, I commit myself to always supporting equal opportunities, safety, diversity, environmental awareness, mutual respect, compliance with all laws without exception and the continuation of our tradition spanning over 120 years.”