Generation of materiality matrix

The key issues we address in our strategic sustainability process are the product of our daily and long-term actions and activities. When evaluating these topics, we consider it important to include representatives of all stakeholder groups. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive list comprising 77 individual topics within the categories of environment/climate protection, economy/business, values, products/services/markets, safety, information/data protection, customers, employees, society as well as suppliers. In order to differentiate the priorities of our internal stakeholder groups, such as owners, management and employees, 48 senior managers and 355 employees voluntarily completed an anonymous online survey where they ranked the topics on a scale of one to ten, with one being important and ten extremely important. Selected journalists also participated in the anonymous online survey. As in previous years, the safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to our company. All important issues can be affected by our decisions and can have potential effects on stakeholders outside the organisation too. For this reason, all major projects, both in-house and external to the organisation, are relevant.