Commitment to sustainability

Stefan Messer and Dr Hans-Gerd Wienands

The Management of Messer Group GmbH is committed to acting in a responsible and sustainable manner as part of its economic and social involvement in society.

Stefan Messer, owner and Chief Executive Officer:

”We recognise and accept our social responsibility towards our employees and society in different areas: the safety of our employees, customers and partners when using our products is our number one priority. We are also committed to protecting our environment and climate by constantly improving our processes and focusing our development on technologies that make our customers’ production processes more efficient and resourcefriendly. Messer has a presence in 35 countries. We respect the cultural differences as well as rights in the regions in which we operate. We contribute to community life and education in these regions through the provision of wide-ranging support.“

Dr Hans-Gerd Wienands, Chief Financial Officer:

”We conduct our business on a sustainable basis and guarantee our autonomy and independence through forward-looking investments. This enhances our customers’ and financial partners’ confidence in us and gives our employees long-term security. We operate with maximum transparency vis-à-vis our stakeholders. Responsible behaviour is an important factor when choosing a business partner. We take this into account by viewing corporate responsibility as a strategic matter and integrating it into our processes.“

Strategic integration of corporate responsibility

The key themes concerning our responsibility in economic and social spheres are derived from our own objectives, traditions and innovations as well as from general standards. The core areas are our values as a company, our customers and the markets in which we operate, climate and environmental protection, safety, our employees, and society. Since Messer Group GmbH was founded, we have been pursuing long-term objectives to take the company forward on an independent and profitable footing. We have always observed the principles of the “honourable businessman”, acting responsibly with regard to our place in society. Our corporate responsibility has been strategically embedded in our processes since 2014 through the cross-divisional Corporate Responsibility function. We have set ourselves measurable goals in the different business units to document our improvements and development. We are publishing these goals in this Corporate Responsibility Report for the 2017 financial year, which features comparisons with the results achieved in 2016. These key performance indicators are transparent and comparable, enabling our stakeholders to understand and assess how we are developing. In this context, we support our customers’ aim of checking and ensuring the sustainability of their own activities and supply chains. At our customers’ request we therefore also report to contracted third parties, e.g. Ecovadis, the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’ and the chemical industry’s worldwide “Responsible Care“ initiative.

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