Creating Values. Living Values.

The term “values” can and should be understood in different ways. For Messer, it has two key meanings.

On the one hand, there is economic value – that which can be documented with figures and balance sheets. Based on the 2017 financial year, Messer has fully succeeded in creating values: our most important key indicators are above those of the previous year – and also significantly above our own expectations.

At the same time, values determine our business actions. By 2005, we had already formulated, as part of our Mission Statement, values that are still valid. Today we can say that they are truly lived, day in and day out. And that is precisely the point.

Linking both together – sustainable growth and value-based action – is truly an art. The present report touches on this aspect as well: hand-drawn graphics introduce the various topics and also represent a value in their own way. 

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