Management Board and Supervisory Board of the Messer Group

Since the founding of the Messer Group in 2004, the Management Board has been supported by a supervisory board which assists with strategic decision making and always demands sustainable measures in addition to business success. The members of our Supervisory Board are considered to be experts inconducting business and always bring their experience to bear in a constructive manner. As such, they are reliable partners to the Messer family and the managing directors.

Stefan Messer

Dr Nathalie von Siemens

Dr Hans-Gerd Wienands

Dr Werner Breuers

Dr Bodo Lüttge

Dr Karl-Gerhard Seifert

Heike Niehues

Dr Jürgen Heraeus

Supervisory Board of the Messer Group: 

Dr Jürgen Heraeus, Chairman

Dr Werner Breuers

Heike Niehues

Dr Bodo Lüttge

Dr Karl-Gerhard Seifert

Dr Nathalie von Siemens


Management Board of the Messer Group: 

Stefan Messer, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Hans-Gerd Wienands, Chief Financial Officer

Dr Uwe Bechtolf, Executive Vice President 

Controlling/Accounting & Strategy

Johann Ringhofer, Executive Vice President Engineering & Production

Adolf Walth, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing

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