Data Privacy Statement

​​​​​1. Principles

Many thanks for visiting the website of Messer Group GmbH (hereinafter called "Messer") and for your interest in our company and our products. We take the protection of your private data very seriously. Compliance with the statutory provisions concerning data protection is a matter of course for us. Our employees are bound to data secrecy and are regularly trained in the fields of data protection and data security. Below, we would like to briefly explain to you how we shall protect your data, and what using our online services would mean for you.
The service provider under Section 13 Telemediengesetz (TMG) [Telemedia Act] and the data controller under Section 3 (7) Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) [German Federal Data Protection Act] is Messer Group GmbH, Messer Platz 1, 65812 Bad Soden,, +49 6196 7760-0Call: +49 6196 7760-0 ; cf. our Legal Notice.

2. Right to Cancel

You shall have the right to demand from us at any time information on your data stored with us, on the origin of this data and on the recipients, or categories of recipient, to whom this data will be passed on, as well as on the purpose of storage.
If you ask us, your contact person at Messer or our data protection officer in writing to correct your personal data, to not pass on your personal data or to delete your personal data, we shall, of course, do so without undue delay. If you are registered as a user, we shall also offer you the possibility of viewing your data yourself and, if necessary, deleting or altering your data.
If you have any information requests, enquiries or objections relating to data processing, please address these by email to our data protection officer Robert Nemsow at or to the address specified under Section 1.

3. Personal Data

Personal data encompasses all information relating to you personally. This includes information such as, e.g., your name, postal address or email address. We shall store your personal data only if you have given us this data voluntarily, e.g. in the course of a contact request.
Moreover, your personal data shall be used only to the extent necessary and only for the purpose that you have consented to or that is legally permissible. For the secured transfer of your data, we shall use encryption methods in secured areas. This means that others on the Internet will not be able to read the communication between your browser and, e.g., our ordering system. All data shall be stored only on specially protected servers of ours or of our IT service provider Messer Information Systems GmbH in Germany. Moreover, your use of our ordering system shall be deemed to be consent to the storage and use of your data by Messer and its partner.
If you use our websites merely for information purposes, i.e. if you do not log on, register or otherwise send us information for use of the website, we shall not collect any personal data, except for data that your browser sends to us in order to enable you to visit the website. This data shall encompass:
- your IP address
- the date and time of the enquiry
- time zone differences relating to Greenwich Mean Time (GMP)
- the country that you come from
- the search term, if you have arrived at our website via a search engine
- data files that you have downloaded from our website (e.g. pdf or Word documents)
- the content of the request (specific website)
- the access status/http status code
- the respective data quantity transmitted
- the website that the request came from
- your browser
- your operating system and its interface
- the language and version of your browser software
We shall, for security purposes only, store and evaluate this data in log files in order to learn about user behaviour. In this respect, no person-related exploitation shall take place; your IP address shall not be stored.
We shall use these log files only for statistical evaluations for the purpose of operating, securing and optimising the service offered.

4. Passing-on of Personal Data to Third Parties

We shall also render our services together with selected partners. They shall be subject to the same strict provisions under data protection law and, furthermore, be integrated into Messer's data protection concept. Personal data shall be passed on only
• in the case of commissioned data processing, e.g. online orders
• in individual cases where you have given your prior consent.
We shall not pass on to third parties any further information, e.g. details provided voluntarily relating to key areas of interest. Only within the scope of statutory or judicial obligations shall personal data be passed on to government institutions or public authorities.

5. Cookies

Furthermore, our website uses cookies. By continuing to navigate on this website without altering your Internet browser's cookie settings, you consent to our use of cookies.
a. What is a cookie?
We use the term "cookies" for cookies and other similar technologies covered by the EU Directive on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in electronic communication.
Cookies are small text files that are created by the website visited and contain data. They are stored on the visitor's computer in order to offer the user access to various features.
b. What cookies do we use?
We use cookies to the following extent:
- transient cookies (temporary use)
- persistent cookies (use for a limited period)
- third-party cookies (from third-party providers)
Transient cookies as well as persistent cookies are used on our websites.
A transient cookie will be temporarily stored on your terminal device whilst you navigate through the website. In particular, these cookies include session cookies. These store a so-called session ID that will enable various requests from your browser to be allocated to a common session. This will make it possible for your terminal device to be recognised again when you return to our website. These cookies will be deleted when you close your Internet browser or after the expiration of a specific period (i.e. when the session ends).
Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a pre-specified period, which may differ depending upon the cookie. You can at any time delete cookies by means of your browser's security settings.
c. Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to find out more about visitors' interaction with our content and improve the experience of visiting our website.
In principle, we shall not use cookies to collect personal information about a visitor. In particular, this stored information shall be stored separately from any further data given to us. Data relating to cookies shall not be linked with further data provided by you.
d. Features and content of the website
The share feature is used by visitors to recommend our websites and content in social networks such Facebook and Twitter. To enable the website to be improved, cookies store information on how visitors use the share feature. However, this data is not collected at the individual level. If you do not accept cookies, no information shall be stored. We use third-party providers for some features within our websites, e.g. if you visit a website containing videos originating from YouTube or links to YouTube. These videos or links (and other content from third-party providers) may contain cookies of third-party providers (third-party cookies). You should read through the guidelines of these third-party provider websites to obtain information on their use of cookies.
e. How can I decline and delete cookies?
If you wish, you can alter your browser settings in order to decline or block the cookies used by Messer or the websites of third-party providers; for more information on this refer to your browser's Help feature. Please note that most browsers automatically accept cookies. If, therefore, you wish to suppress the use of cookies, you may have to actively delete or block cookies.
Further information on the use of cookies in the browsers of mobile telephones, as well as information on the possibilities of declining or deleting cookies can be found in your mobile telephone's manual.
Please note however that, if you decline the use of cookies, you may indeed continue to use our websites, but the functioning of some features may be impaired.

6. Use of Piwik

This website uses the web analysis service Piwik to evaluate user access to this website.
For evaluation purposes, cookies (see Section 5 of this Data Privacy Statement for further information) will be stored on your computer. The information collected in this manner shall be stored by us exclusively on our server in Germany. Please note that, if you prevent the storage of cookies, you may then possibly be unable to fully use this website. You can prevent the storage of cookies by setting your browser or removing the following tick and thus activating the opt-out plugin:

This website uses Piwik with the extension "AnonymizeIP". As a result, IP addresses are further processed in shortened form, thus ruling out a direct connection to any specific individual. The IP address transmitted by your browser by means of Piwik shall not be combined with other data collected by us.
The Piwik programme is an open-source project. You can obtain information from the third-party provider relating to data protection at

7. Other Active Content (e.g. JavaScript, ActiveX)

For security reasons, you may at any time, via your browser, deactivate JavaScript, ActiveX or other control elements and script languages on websites containing executables. Our websites remain navigable even without JavaScript.

8. Links

Some of Messer's websites contain links to other websites. We shall check these direct links with reasonable diligence. However, we shall not be responsible for the content of websites to which we provide links. Nor shall we be responsible for the content of websites that provide a link to us.

9. Reservation

We reserve the right to at any time alter these data protection guidelines in compliance with the provisions of data protection law.

10. Questions and Comments

If you still have any questions or suggestions relating to data protection at Messer, please feel free to contact our data protection officer by email at the email address given in Section 2.

We use Cookies to optimally configure and continuously improve our website for your usage. By continuing utilization of the website, you agree to the use of cookies.
For more information about cookies, please see our Privacy Policy.